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Eurostar trains offer a great range of services. If you fancy taking your bike with you on your travels or are just after some general information about the services available, we have all the information you'll need.


Eurostar does have some luggage restrictions but you'll find they don't limit you too much.

  • You’re allowed 2 medium-sized items with a maximum length of 85cm, plus 1item of hand luggage
  • Children are allowed 1 bag and 1 piece of hand luggage
  • No need to check in these items
  • No weight limit
  • Each item must have a label showing your name, seat number, date of travel and destination
  • Hand luggage can go in the overhead racks; larger items in the suitcase storage areas by the doors

If you are travelling on a Direct Ski service you can also take a pair or skis or a snowboard in addition to the usual luggage allowance of 2 suitcases and 1piece hand luggage.


As a Standard Class passenger, you can either bring your own refreshments or buy your supplies at one of the two buffet cars (cars 6 and 13).


There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, plus sandwiches, crisps and light meals on sale. There are no seats in the bar area but there’s room to stand and linger if you don’t want to go straight back to your seat.


Travel in Standard Premier and you can look forward to a light meal in the evening, served to you at your seat. In the morning you will be served a continental breakfast, for lunch you will have a choice of 3 light meals, plus wine, beer or non-alcoholic drinks.


Travel in Business Premier and you can look forward to a 3-course meal served to you at your seat, or a tasty breakfast if you are travelling on a morning service.


There are a number of special meals for those passengers with particular dietary requirements. Just highlight which meal you would prefer when making your booking.


Eurostar trains and stations are well equipped for those with visual impairments and restricted mobility.


There are two dedicated wheelchair spaces on each train for passengers that are unable to walk at least 200m unaided.  These are located in the Standard Premier carriages, near a wheelchair-accessible toilet with push-button access.


A companion can travel at a discounted rate. So, effectively, both passengers travel in Standard Premier for the cost of a Standard Class ticket.


Let us know if you wish to travel with a battery-powered mobility scooter. Given advance notice, Eurostar will take these in the luggage hold free of charge. (Scooters powered by combustible fuel aren’t allowed.) The scooter should be no wider than 100cm, otherwise it won’t fit on the lifts and ramps that help to get it on the train. 


Fancy taking your bike with you? No problem, Eurostar has plenty of room for bikes.


Folding bikes can be taken on any Eurostar train as long as they are smaller than 85cm in length when fully folded - you can carry it on board as part of your normal luggage allowance at no extra cost. 


All non-folding bikes or those over 85cm long will need to travel with Eurostar's registered luggage service, Eurodespatch. This service is available if you're travelling from London, Paris, Lille and Brussels. Bikes will be placed in a padded bike bag or bike box as part of the service. If you want to keep your bike fully assembled, there is limited space available on the train so it's best to call Eurodespatch in advance on 03448 225 822 to check availability before you travel.


If you are travelling to or from Ashford, Ebbsfleet, Calais, Disneyland® Paris or on Eurostar's Direct Ski services, you cannot take a non-folding bike or one that is bigger than 85cm long.


If you're travelling on Eurostar's Direct South of France services, non-folding bikes and bikes that exceed 85cm in length can be picked up and delivered to your destination with the train's partner company First Luggage.




Only guide dogs are allowed on Eurostar services.

On the Direct Avignon and Direct Ski services, no pets are allowed – including guide dogs.